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Barely out of nappies, Carolina has a CV most people retiring would be envious of. The young Portuguese creative finds 5 minutes to spare and answers a few questions:

AW: For our readers, can you give us a brief intro to you and your life up to moving to NY?
CP: I grew up in Portugal, which is great when you are young as you have an amazing quality of life. After I completed my IB I moved to England where I graduated from the Leeds with a Visual Communications Degree. During my years in England I spent most of my time in London doing internships and after a while I decided I wanted a change and a new challenge. New York was the place to go...
AW: What exactly is your job title?
CP: That is a hard. Where I work we all wear multiple hats. I'm a Producer/Art Director/ Marketing & PR / Social Media / Supervising & Scheduling Post-Production, so at this point i'm unsure of what my exact job title it.
AW: How do you see the future of (whatever you do) transpiring in the digital age?
CP: I work with Fashion videos and productions. In this field we are already seeing a big transition. It was an interesting period a few years ago when there was a big shift in the use of analogic photography cameras into digital cameras, now we are seeing the shift from still photography into motion. This is a really exciting period, working with digitally advanced cameras such as the RED Epic. It allows us to explore files and not only do get an incredible resolution and image quality, you can actually pull still from that footage.

AW: There's a lot of things happening in South America at the moment, especially Brazil. We know you've mentioned in the past a move out there - do you think the design world has a long term future there?
CP: Most definitely! South America at the moment is booming, it is the land of opportunity and people are hungry for new ideas, new projects and have the money to support and develop these ideas. Places such as Brazil and Argentina have great designers with innovative ideas and are very open minded.

AW: We've heard cooking isn't your thing but we've asked everyone else before so we'll have to ask you: If you were forced into the kitchen to make us a meal, could you do it and if so, what would it be.
 CP: I must admit I don’t often cook. A meal that never goes wrong is steaks with butter and lemon sauce, along with some white rice picotado with onion and garlic. Simple but good.

To follow her life through her lense, lick on the link below: