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We posted way back in early December a little teaser about this post and due to his rather hectic schedule, has taken this long to pin Mr Lamotte down.

OFFICIAL BLURB: Brian Paul Lamotte is a book maker and designer based in Brooklyn, New York. His practice entails the design, production and publication of books that are largely produced by hand. Whether working commercially or collaborating on Pau Wau Publications, he strives to add handmade qualities to aspects of books that are typically produced by machines. His work is driven by the desire to question the format and production of a book, while using it's informative qualities to promote and tell the story of individuals and companies he is continually inspired by. 


AW: Are we allowed a reason as to what was more important over the last 7 weeks then a talk with our blog?
BLHa! That's a great question, between moving into a new studio, publishing & handmaking 150 copies of our newest publication; Muses Volume 1 and art directing this project with my father, time got a little tight, sorry.
AW: Hmmmmm, fair enough. 

AW: Are you working on anything interesting at the moment?
BL: The next project we plan to publish is with Parisian based artist Lisa Rovner, it's a lovely little book entitled Poems filled with enticing color images of friends & travels. We're upping the ante a bit and doing 500 copies this time around, If all goes to plan we should be bringing that out sometime before the spring.

AW: Your biggest influence?
BL: People, specifically Gerhard Steidl for his work ethic and vision, Stefan Sagmeister for his incredible creativity, Peter Miles for his refined style, Wolfgang Tillmans for his beauty & Charles Bukowski for his honesty and words. Also my father, sister and mother, I would be lost without their support and guidance.

AW: You work closely with the up and coming artists in the states, who should we be looking out for?
BL: My partner in Pau Wau and soon to be studio mate, Andreas Laszlo Konrath is constantly impressing me with his incredible images. Also, another friend and frequent collaborator iO Tillett Wright is working on a project documenting and telling the stories of individuals in the LGBT community around America. She recently started a campaign to help fundraise the project as it's completely independently funded. Pari Dukovic always makes beautiful images and is finally getting some much deserved respect.

AW: In the age of computers, your trade is a dying art - do you see a market for hand produced books for the future?
BL: Quite true, however as they say, the cream rises to the top. There is an extremely interesting subculture of artist and creative people self publishing, niche publishing is thriving not dying. 
No one is getting rich off it per say but it's sustaining. One clear example of this is the NY Book Art Fair held annually here, it's growing year by year at an astonishing pace. There is something to be said about handmade limited edition objects of art in a culture where you can buy and obtain anything at anytime from anywhere.

AW: Lastly, we know you're quite a demon in the kitchen, if you were cooking a meal to impress Alexander Waterworth Interiors, what would it be?
BLAs I know at least one of you fancies a little flavor from south of the border, I would re-hash a dinner I recently cooked for a friends birthday. Homemade chips, pico de gallo, guacamole, slow cooked chicken tinga, grilled flank steak tacos with mojo de ajo with an ice cold margarita in everyones hand. If you could arrange that on a beach with some sand between our toes then maybe we would be talking.

So there we it have ladies and gents, Mr Lamotte has spoken! I'm sure in the coming months we'll hear more from Alexander Waterworth Interiors' favourite bookmaker. For more on the man and his work, please head to the following link.
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