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We had heard about this place some time ago yet didn't quite think it was real when we first saw the picture. We've always been intrigued by the weird and wonderful and this is about a quirky a place as you'll see. It's nestled between two large natural rocks deep in  the Fafe moutains, Portugal. Although it's been in the press quite recently, the house was built some 37 years ago. Due to the current press, the area has seen a large increase in the foot traffic and the current owner has had to vacate the property. Not ideal.
We remember seeing, probably about 10 years ago, a tiny property for sale in the Telegraph. All one could see from the shot was a old wooden door within the face of a cliff. The property only had a 3/4 rooms carved into the rocks with obviously limited light but there was something so intriguing with this and have since been fascinated by things along these lines. There's a hotel, in Italy (from memory) which is based on the face of a cliff which we'll be looking to add shorty!! Exciting times